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VOIP provider in orange county for small business

VoIP Features That Can Enhance Your Productivity (Even During Lockdowns)

As an Orange County small business owner, you might feel like your company is staying in a place of limbo as America continues to struggle with the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. Will your business be allowed to reopen (or stay open)? Will there be more lockdowns? VoIP technology has enabled many businesses like yours to stay functional remotely during this time, but VoIP has many features that many businesses don’t use or don’t know about—features that can enable growth and productivity during these times. Let’s explore a few little-known VoIP features that could help your business be more successful during these uncertain times.

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How the Pandemic Has Changed VoIP

To say the ongoing pandemic has changed life and business as we know it would be an understatement. Thankfully, the technology exists nowadays for many Orange County businesses to remain in operation even during lockdowns and quarantines. In particular, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has found a new place of importance among businesses today as so many of us rely on its features to keep us connected and productive. Let’s talk about a few of the ways the pandemic has changed how businesses view VoIP and how they’re using it to stay functional.

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Pandemic Proofing IT for your small business

Pandemic-Proofing Your Small Business IT (Part 2-Security)

Guaranteed during a pandemic, Coronavirus isn’t the only type of “virus” being spread around. Don’t assume for a moment that hackers and cybercriminals are taking a break during a global health crisis. If anything, they’re counting on small businesses like yours to drop their guard due to the distraction. For that reason, Orange County small businesses need to be all the more diligent with cybersecurity during this time, especially with more people working from home. Let’s continue our discussion of pandemic-proofing your business IT by talking about ways to shore up your security measures.

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IT during time of a pandemic

Pandemic-Proofing Your Small Business IT (Part 1-Functionality)

For the vast majority of Orange County small businesses, the Coronavirus pandemic crisis has had a significant impact on how we do business. Fortunately, however, we live in an age where technology makes it possible for many of us to keep our businesses running from home. The challenge is to make sure your office (and home) IT are optimized and ready for the challenge. Here’s what you can do to ensure your company’s IT is ready to support working remotely.

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