Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you ready when disaster strikes?

Servers, NAS devices, workstations, and hard drives do fail and site-wide disasters do happen, which can bring down critical applications and grind business to a halt.

It’s why every company needs a backup and disaster recovery plan

Only 35% of businesses have a routinely-tested disaster recovery plan. This oversight can be fatal to your company.

Using several layers of preventive defenses will protect you from most IT security threats, but you could still be vulnerable to hardware failures, acts of nature, and newly emerging malware. Any of these can wreak havoc on a business’s bottom line.

If you've never run a test, how can you be sure your business is ready? Many companies that have not conducted IT disaster recovery plan simulations have been horrified to discover that their plans were severely lacking.

If all your equipment is destroyed, will you have systems in place to continue running your business?

NetServ managed backup services helps return all systems to safe states, making it essential to a strong layered security strategy and potentially saving a lot of money for businesses.

NetServ offers a managed backup solution that ensures business continuity for mission critical servers and infrastructure, combining image-based software with cloud services to virtualize servers anywhere and provide multiple recovery options.

Our managed BDR service captures snapshots of a server or workstation including its data, operating system, applications and configurations and replicates them to the cloud. Recovery is seamless, maintaining uptime and keeping business running full speed ahead.

Want to have total peace of mind that your critical systems and processes are safe and can recover from any potential data or system loss situation.

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