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Our equipment services program provides a complete cost competitive approach for new technology with simple purchasing and leasing options. Our leasing and HAAS solutions provides a complete system replacement and reduces downtime waiting on parts from the manufacturer.

NetServ is the only technology provider that provides a complete workstation or server replacement in the event of a system failure.

Purchase  –  Includes hardware and software services provided by NetServ with a support plan included for peace of mind with complete hardware warranty and expert technical support.

Leasing –  A proven approach to having the latest technology when you need it without the high cost of ownership, obsolete equipment as technology changes, and asset management.

We have partnered directly with major banks to provide you with competitive leasing rates helping you pay as you use the solutions without the higher cost of ownership. Our credit specialists will help you select the best plan and payment option with flexible terms for leasing your new technology solution.

HAAS –  Hardware as a service is our latest approach in technology procurement solutions without the long term commitment . HAAS gives you the flexibility of procuring technology services and equipment at any time for projects that may last only a few months. This will avoid a long term lease for equipment you may not need after you complete your project.