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Small businesses are particularly vulnerable because they do not have a business strategy or the resources to prevent an attack or they simply believe it won’t happen to them.

Millions of security breaches are targeted on companies both small and large each year and they are only increasing. This is an easier way for hackers to make money by sitting at their keyboard in a different country.

Some of these attacks can encrypt your company’s most important files, such as accounting, medical data, or confidential customer information

Hackers have programs that work around the clock to target your system and gain access for easy money!!

Your company’s data -- employee information, client files, accounting files, etc. -- are worth a pretty penny on the black market. Data breaches occur for any number of reasons, including human error, spearfishing scams and social engineering scams. The costs associated with these breaches can reach millions of dollars in legal fees, settlements, lost business, damaged reputation and much more.

The hackers only need to succeed once. Is your business protected from an attack?

A complete and fully efficient data security solution requires a proactive approach to safety.

At NetServ we provide a comprehensive layered approach to network security and actively work to help companies reduce their digital exposure. Our proactive solution integrates multiple vendor security layers and definitions to protect your company. Our managed network security platform helps detect, alert and stop intrusions and threats by scanning for vulnerabilities, filtering network, web traffic and identifying system changes, using cryptography.

The key to a great security strategy and prevention is to have a critical mindset for vulnerability and combine it with a proactive approach with effective system and network monitoring, alerts and user training of emerging scams and threats.

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