VoIP Features That Can Enhance Your Productivity (Even During Lockdowns)

As an Orange County small business owner, you might feel like your company is staying in a place of limbo as America continues to struggle with the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. Will your business be allowed to reopen (or stay open)? Will there be more lockdowns? VoIP technology has enabled many businesses like yours to stay functional remotely during this time, but VoIP has many features that many businesses don’t use or don’t know about—features that can enable growth and productivity during these times. Let’s explore a few little-known VoIP features that could help your business be more successful during these uncertain times.

Auto Attendant

Rather than simply forward all calls to your cell phone or leave a voicemail recording that “assures” customers you’re still open for business, considering implementing an auto attendant. This feature acts as a virtual receptionist, assigning extensions to each member on your team so inbound callers can select the person they wish to speak to. Not only will you never miss a call this way, but you’ll also convey a strong message to callers that you’re definitely open for business.

Call Screening

When you’re working remotely, time may be more precious due to home responsibilities. The call screening feature of VoIP allows you to select certain actions based on the incoming caller ID. You can prioritize certain numbers to route to your cell phone at all hours, while the harassing telemarketer can be sent straight to voicemail or simply disconnected. This feature helps you prioritize the conversations that matter to your business.

Voicemail to Email/Text Transcription

If you’re not in a place to listen to voicemails or jot down important information from them, another VoIP time saver is voicemail-to-email service. This feature transcribes the incoming voicemail to text and sends it to your email or texts it to you, allowing you to read it when you have a free moment. This feature can be very useful when you’re forced to keep irregular work hours during a lockdown.

VoIP offers quite a few additional features which may boost your productivity while keeping your overall costs low. Call 1-877-NetServ to learn more.