How the Pandemic Has Changed VoIP

To say the ongoing pandemic has changed life and business as we know it would be an understatement. Thankfully, the technology exists nowadays for many Orange County businesses to remain in operation even during lockdowns and quarantines. In particular, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has found a new place of importance among businesses today as so many of us rely on its features to keep us connected and productive. Let’s talk about a few of the ways the pandemic has changed how businesses view VoIP and how they’re using it to stay functional.

VoIP Has Become a Lifeline, Not a Luxury

There was a time when VoIP service was considered a novelty, a tech “toy” viewed by many companies as nonessential. When the lockdowns forced many businesses to work remotely, it really shone a spotlight on the limitations of traditional PBX/landline phone service. Since VoIP isn’t limited by location, Orange County businesses using VoIP were able to transition to remote offices seamlessly while staying connected to their clients and customers. It’s not an exaggeration to say that many companies wouldn’t be able to survive without VoIP at this time—especially during times when they simply weren’t permitted in their offices.

Users Are Discovering New VoIP Features

Not only have businesses relied on VoIP to stay connected during the pandemic—they’ve also begun to tap into some of VoIP’s features that were either unknown or were simply rarely used. According to a recent study, for example, video calling has increased by nearly a third since the quarantines began, while thirty-seven percent of users reported that they were texting more. From seamless customer engagement to online collaborations, business owners are now tapping into a fuller range of VoIP capabilities.

VoIP Is Changing How We Do Business in General

As a natural result of our fresh reliance on VoIP technology, another interesting dynamic has occurred—business owners now recognize new possibilities in how they can operate their companies. For example, many Orange County businesses have found working at home to be easier, cheaper, and more productive than working in the office, thanks in part to VoIP. Some have even gone permanently “remote” and closed their offices completely. We are finding a “new normal” in how we function in the time of coronavirus, and VoIP service is right in the heart of it.

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