The Increased Demand for Managed VoIP Services for Working Remotely

As more and more businesses are operating remotely in the wake of the pandemic, the demand for VoIP services has arguably never been greater. The ability to conduct business from anywhere and maintain constant communication with teammates and clients has all but rescued many companies from bankruptcy during these uncertain times. That said, there’s also been an increased demand for managed VoIP services—having your business’ VoIP system administered and maintained by a reliable third-party IT company. Let’s talk about this trend and what it may mean for your Orange County business.

Managed VoIP versus Standard Hosted VoIP

By default, businesses that switch from a conventional in-house PBX phone system to VoIP are using a cloud-based, hosted VoIP provider. With standard hosted VoIP, you decide how many phone “lines” or numbers you need, what features you buy, etc. You also make decisions as to scaling your VoIP services—when you need to add or remove lines/features. And if something goes wrong that doesn’t originate with the provider, it’s generally up to you to do the troubleshooting, often with the assistance of a help desk. This can be inconvenient, but for small businesses it’s often an acceptable alternative to keeping people on staff to manage a PBX phone system.

Managed VoIP basically takes hosted VoIP to the next level by combining the affordability of VoIP with the peace-of-mind of professional maintenance. With managed VoIP, you outsource the administration of your phone services to a third-party IT provider who evaluates your needs, sets up your system securely, and provides ongoing monitoring and technical support to ensure your team can conduct business seamlessly.

How Managed VoIP Helps Your Remote Workforce

While today’s technology enables us to operate teams remotely, the drawback is that you may experience inconsistencies in performance and security when everyone is using their home Internet and VoIP services. Even setting everyone up on the company’s hosted VoIP can create logistical nightmares if someone encounters difficulty working from home. With managed VoIP, you have a team of IT professionals managing your entire system, even across multiple locations and user endpoints, so you can have more confidence in the performance and security of your workflow even when your office is closed.

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