Pandemic-Proofing Your Small Business IT (Part 1-Functionality)

For the vast majority of Orange County small businesses, the Coronavirus pandemic crisis has had a significant impact on how we do business. Fortunately, however, we live in an age where technology makes it possible for many of us to keep our businesses running from home. The challenge is to make sure your office (and home) IT are optimized and ready for the challenge. Here’s what you can do to ensure your company’s IT is ready to support working remotely.

Run Diagnostics

If your team is working from home, it’s critical that your servers, software, and infrastructure are working properly. A system failure at the office can cause a cascade of problems across your network, especially if no one is there physically. Talk to your IT professional about a full network inspection to make sure all updates are implemented, backups are performed daily, and all hardware is working as it should.

Evaluate Your Bandwidth

If you’re able to conduct business online, you can expect an increase in Internet traffic from all your customers and clients who are now opting to stay at home. You want to be sure your network can accommodate the increase in online activity. If you were pushing the boundaries of your bandwidth when things were “normal,” you might want to consider investing in additional bandwidth at least temporarily.

Explore Cloud Computing

If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to look at transitioning your office to a cloud-based computing system—particularly one that allows for virtual desktops. This kind of system allows you and your team to log in to secure workspaces from any device and conduct business as though you were in the office. And since all assets are stored in the cloud, no sensitive data needs to be stored on anyone’s personal hard drive.

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