Pandemic-Proofing Your Small Business IT (Part 2-Security)

Guaranteed during a pandemic, Coronavirus isn’t the only type of “virus” being spread around. Don’t assume for a moment that hackers and cybercriminals are taking a break during a global health crisis. If anything, they’re counting on small businesses like yours to drop their guard due to the distraction. For that reason, Orange County small businesses need to be all the more diligent with cybersecurity during this time, especially with more people working from home. Let’s continue our discussion of pandemic-proofing your business IT by talking about ways to shore up your security measures.

Double Check Your Firewalls

If your office network is going to stay operational while you’re out of the office (as it most likely will), make sure your firewall is optimized and updated with the latest software and/or firmware. If hackers find any vulnerabilities while you’re away, it will be that much more difficult to fix the problem while the office is closed.

Shore Up Team Security Protocols

If you’ve got employees logging into your system remotely, it’s more important than ever that they follow security protocols to the letter. Make sure your teammates have strong login passwords that are changed periodically and consider implementing an extra layer of verification for logging in. Also, have them use a VPN if they are using unsecured wifi networks while offsite.

Schedule Automatic Backups

Backing up your system has never been more important than now. If (heaven forbid) any system crashes occur, a loss of sensitive data could cripple your business instantly. Since you’re not on your normal routine, make sure you have regular daily backups scheduled so they happen in the background.

Consider Managed IT

One of the best ways to ensure a high level of security during this time is to have a reliable third party “minding the store,” so to speak. A managed IT service will provide 24/7 monitoring and pre-emptive system updates to stay ahead of cybercriminals. That way, you can focus on running your business during the pandemic instead of worrying about your IT

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