Work from Home Solutions with VoIP (Part 2)

If there’s a silver lining to weathering a pandemic in 2020, it’s that modern technology enables Orange County small businesses to carry on their work seamlessly from home even in the midst of quarantine. We’ve previously discussed some of the ways VoIP technology can help you stay connected to your clients and teammates. Let’s now turn our attention to a few specific work from home solutions and features that are available with a VoIP virtual office phone system.

Virtual Office Numbers with Call Forwarding

Within minutes and for limited cost, you can activate as many virtual phone lines as needed for you and your team—and with call forwarding, you can send incoming calls directly to personal phone numbers, as needed. This eliminates the need to give out private cell numbers for when you’re not in the office. Effectively, you’re always available to customers if desired—and if you need “time off,” you can just send those calls to voicemail.

Office Phone Features Available at Home

With VoIP, you can set up and run virtual “call centers” where incoming calls can be answered, placed on hold, parked, transferred, and routed to teammates in their homes—just the same as if you were all operating from the same office. You can also set up an “auto-attendant” to automatically answer and route calls, and for peak times, you can even set up queued callback so customers don’t have to wait on hold.

VoIP Fax Features

If you have a VoIP-capable fax machine at home, you can send and receive faxes as needed using a VoIP phone line. If you don’t, you can send and receive faxes virtually using Internet fax or fax-to-email. This, along with scanning capabilities, allows you to transmit paper documents from person to person as needed.

Video Calls and Videoconferencing

One of the most useful (and most popular) VoIP capabilities for working from home is the ability to video chat, either one-on-one or in a conference. Video calls allow you to interact with teammates or customers almost the same as if they were in the room with you—an extremely useful feature during close collaborations or when trying to close a deal.

If your Orange County small business is not currently optimized for working from home, we can help. We can evaluate your company’s needs and implement a set of VoIP tools designed to keep you running seamlessly. We can also make sure each of your teammates has the proper Internet speed and bandwidth to accommodate their office tasks. Call 1-877-NetServ for a free evaluation.

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