Training Your Team on Best VoIP/Telecom Practices for Your Orange County Business (Part 1)

If you’re like many Orange County business owners, you’ve already begun to appreciate the value of VoIP technology and related communications solutions for your business—especially in times that require your workforce to be more mobile and agile. You understand how to leverage these tools to your company’s best advantage—but that doesn’t mean your team does. The one thing that can make your current VoIP and IT setup more effective is to make sure your team members know how to utilize it well. This is especially important in times when you’re not in immediate contact with your team—for example, when working from home or on vacation. Let’s discuss some practical strategies for training your team to optimize their use of your VoIP and telecom systems.

Map Out Your Processes

Start by taking an inventory of what services and features you’re using and why you find them effective. Which VoIP features help streamline your time management? Which ones improve your handling of inbound calls? Do you use a videoconferencing platform for team meetings and/or customer outreach? If so, are you utilizing all the features that help keep conversations focused? Also, take a look at your bandwidth patterns. Are there certain times of day when your system is overloaded with too much traffic? What can you do to optimize this workflow and make it more efficient? Draw from this information to map out the services and features that best serve your business and how to use them best. Not only can you use this information to train your team, but it’s a good exercise to make sure you’re making the most of the technology yourself.

Create a Best Practice Policy and Share with Your Team

After mapping out your processes in the previous step, now it’s time to familiarize your team with those processes. A good way to do this is to set up a “best practices” policy and begin encouraging your team members to follow suit so they can optimize their workflow. For example, if you have a team member who loses too much time taking inbound calls, urge them to let your VoIP Auto-Attendant and Call Routing features handle those calls, especially during busy times. If your office experiences internet slowdowns or dropped calls because everyone’s taking Zoom meetings at once, set up a schedule to stagger those video calls. Consider having a training meeting to make sure everyone is familiar with the best way to use your telecom tools, then follow up to make sure they are following the policies.

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