Review of Small Business Telecom and IT Solutions

Small Business IT and Telecom Solutions: Reviewing Options

Hopefully by now, you’ve begun to recognize as a small business owner that modern technology enables you to compete with larger companies in ways that weren’t possible even a few years ago. Over the past several months, we’ve explored an expansive number of IT and telecom solutions available to you, how they work, how they can help your business, and so on. Before wrapping up, let’s quickly review some of these solutions.

Cloud-Based Solutions

We’ve talked about how the cloud has revolutionized how small business operates, empowering you to conduct business from almost anywhere—even your mobile devices. Depending on your needs, you may utilize any of these options via the cloud:

• File servers: Store business documents securely offsite and access them via any web-connected device
• Hosted exchange: Store, share and access team email communications, share calendars, synchronize files and collaborate from remote locations
• Efax services: Send and receive faxes via the cloud for a nominal fee versus buying a standalone fax machine and dedicated landline
• Cloud backup services: Create offsite backups of your critical files to protect against inevitable data loss and hard drive failures.

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization technology now enables small businesses to optimize and maximize their existing servers without buying rooms full of equipment. Use solutions like VMware and Hyper-V to partition server space into multiple virtual servers and desktop configurations.

Microsoft Server Solutions

We explored Windows Server 2016 and analyzed its integrated office capabilities, including Hyper-V network virtualization, network security and efficient storage solutions.

Network Security Solutions

We reviewed the importance of cybersecurity, discussing popular options like Fortinet, Sonicwall and Cisco and explaining the pros and cons of each.

Network Storage and Virtualization Solutions

As your business grows beyond cloud-based platforms, we examined how network storage and network virtualization can optimize your standalone servers.

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

An increasing number of companies and services are empowering small businesses by integrating the price and service of the hardware into a regular subscription fee, making the costs more palatable.

Network Scanning, Faxing and Printing

We addressed how these hard-copy functions may now be integrated into your existing network, enabling many users to access fewer devices.

CAT-5/6 Premises Wiring Solutions

We discussed how these new wiring protocols transmit data at high speeds and explored the pros and cons of each.

Office Technology Relocation

We considered common-sense approaches to moving your technology to a new location, as your business changes and evolves—minimizing loss and downtime in the process.

Which of these solutions are right for your business? We’ll discuss that question in our conclusion. If your business needs help implementing any of these options, contact Netserv today.

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