Relocate Office Technology: Guidelines for Small Businesses

Office Technology Relocation Services (Part 2)

Given the complexities involved in moving IT, proper planning and organization can help streamline your office technology relocation; it can keep it from devolving into chaos and unnecessary downtime. Let’s look at a few practical tips to help the process.

Hire a Professional IT Service

Unless you have several full-time IT employees—and even if you do—we can’t stress enough the importance of hiring qualified professionals to oversee moving and reconfiguring your technology infrastructure. Your configuration may seem simple enough, but the fact is there are probably thousands of hardware connections and miles of wire underlying your “simple” system. When your components are moved and reconfigured incorrectly, your connectivity may be crippled for days as you try to isolate the problem. Don’t take the risk; hiring professionals can actually save you time and money.

Take an Inventory

Before moving your entire system, have your IT people run an evaluation of your current infrastructure. Are there any components that are obsolete and need to be upgraded? How much larger is your new space, and will you be adding employees and/or equipment? A major relocation can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade your system, since there’s no sense in moving equipment that will have to be replaced soon, anyway.

Map Out Your New Location and Configuration

Before the relocation, conduct a survey of your new space and formulate a plan for the new configuration. As much as possible, try to have all necessary wiring and upgraded components installed and in place before you move, to reduce downtime after the move.

Back Up Everything

Any relocation of equipment comes with a risk of computer failures and data loss. Before pulling the plug, back up all data on every computer and server—preferably to an off-site storage location—to protect your business records in case of loss or damage.

Have a Contingency Plan

Even the best-planned IT relocations have unexpected hiccups. If an unforeseen situation extends your down time, how can you conduct business in the meantime? Answer: Formulate a contingency plan so you can resume business at least partially until the issues are resolved. (One such option might be to work remotely, using a variety of cloud-based solutions.)

When it’s time for your company to move or expand into a new location, Netserv offers high quality, reliable office technology relocation services. Call our offices to learn more.

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