Integrating VoIP with Your CRM

If you are an Orange County small business owner, chances are you’re tracking your sales and client interactions using a Customer Relations Management (CRM) software like Hubspot, Zoho, or Salesforce. One of the best advantages of switching from conventional landlines to VoIP phone service is that VoIP can often integrate seamlessly with your CRM, greatly streamlining the client care process while improving overall productivity.

Advantages of VoIP-CRM Integration

The ability to integrate your phone system with your CRM offers many benefits to business owners and team members. Let’s look at just a few:

  • One platform for all interactions. When VoIP and your CRM operate separately, you have to switch repeatedly between software/hardware and platforms—one to talk to the customer, and one to make notes on the call. When these systems are integrated, the call functionality and relevant customer data are in one place. You can make and receive customer calls, make important notes, track support tickets, and more—all from the CRM platform.
  • Cohesive data collection. When VoIP and your CRM are integrated, many of the features included with VoIP translate directly into your customer records seamlessly. In addition to attaching customer requests, sales, complaints, and support requests to the customer’s phone number and profile, you can also use call record to keep a record (and even a transcription) of the audio for each call within the CRM. This keeps your entire team up to date on the latest interactions for the customer so anyone can follow up.
  • Better productivity and lower overhead. By integrating VoIP with your CRM, your team members can make more contacts and take more calls each day, making them more productive and making each customer lifecycle cost less. Additionally, you can save the expense of additional software required to keep these functions separate.

Process of Integrating VoIP with CRM

The process of connecting your VoIP functionality with your CRM, and the ease of doing so, will depend largely on how compatible these platforms are with each other. Most CRMs maintain a list of other platforms for which their programmers have designed integrations, so the first and best solution is to choose a VoIP system and CRM that are already compatible. If you already have both systems, begin by looking at your CRM to see if it offers integration with the VoIP system you’re using. If not, you may still be able to integrate them using a third-party solution. For best results, consult with your IT professional or help desk to determine the best way to get these systems to work together.

If you’re looking to integrate your VoIP system with your CRM, NetServ can help make the process as seamless as possible. Call 1-877-NetServ to learn more.