Damage Control: Fixing Your Orange County Business Website or Infrastructure

It happens to the best of businesses, and no company is immune. Your company operates with employees—fallible employees who could do damage to your computer systems, whether accidentally or (heaven forbid) intentionally. If your Orange County business has experienced a website failure, hardware failure or damage to your IT infrastructure due to employee error or sabotage, what can you do to get back online quickly? 

Plan for Damage 

No judgment if your IT is already down, but the first and best line of defense against employee damage is to have a contingency plan in place before the challenges occur. If you’re not already doing regular data backups to an offsite server—start today. You should also implement centralized network access so you have the ability to revoke an employee’s credentials at a moment’s notice if needed. Additionally, set aside a financial pad so you aren’t caught off guard if you need to perform emergency repairs. It sounds negative, but if you plan as though disaster is inevitable, you’ll be able to take the crisis more in stride. 

Leave It to the Pros 

Most businesses require somewhat complex infrastructures in order to run efficiently, and one problem can cause a cascading effect on other parts of the system. For that reason, if an employee crashes your website or your network, you could easily make things much worse by trying to fix the problem yourself. Even if you get things up and running, you could find yourself dealing with phantom glitches and bugs due to your own patchwork configurations. Better to invest a little money into your company’s long-term success by hiring a reliable IT professional who can troubleshoot, perform disaster recovery and implement needed repairs the right way. 

Consider a Managed IT and Equipment Services Plans 

For even more peace of mind against possible system failures, you might consider signing up for managed IT and/or an equipment services plan with a trusted IT provider. For a set monthly fee, your Orange County business can enjoy benefits such as 24/7 monitoring, access to tech support with quick response times, and even Hardware as a Service (HaaS) where the company manages and maintains your entire infrastructure. This robust level of protection ensures that if/when an employee breaks your hardware or your software, you’ll have your gear repaired or replaced immediately without taking a major financial hit. 

NetServ offers a variety of managed plans to help Orange County businesses protect themselves against accidental or intentional damage. To learn more, call us at 1-877-NetServ.