Introduction to Cloud Based Fax Services (Online Fax)

Cloud Solutions: Introduction to Online Fax

The need for fax services has frequently been the bane of existence for many small businesses (next to taxes, of course). Fax machines require an extra phone line, require constant maintenance and take up valuable office space—and many smaller companies don’t send or receive enough faxes to justify the expense and hassle. Thankfully, the emergence of online fax has resolved many of these issues for these companies.

Today, for a modest monthly fee, services like eFax, Myfax, Metrofax and others provide businesses the ability to send, receive and store faxes in the cloud via a dedicated virtual fax number. Moving these services to the cloud also opens up other benefits that physical faxing can’t offer.

Advantages of Online Fax

• Cost effective for small businesses. Companies that fax sparingly no longer have to invest in expensive equipment. 

Send/receive faxes from anywhere. With cloud-based fax, any connected computer or mobile device can be your virtual fax machine—no more trips to the office or the local Fedex Office store.
• Offsite backup. As with other cloud services, your documents are securely stored away from your office and are easily recovered in the event of loss.
• No equipment or phone line to maintain. All faxing takes place virtually, via the Internet.
• Additional features. Online faxing removes limitations of physical faxing while offering more benefits. For example, you can convert email to fax (and vice versa), then store all documents and contacts in the cloud. No scanner available? Take a photo of the document with your phone or tablet and convert it to a fax. Many services even have apps to allow you to sign documents with your finger via your phone. Other services also enable simultaneous faxing, so all your employees can use the same number.

Limitations of Online Fax

• Storage restrictions. Some plans have time restrictions and data restrictions on storage of faxes, so you may need another solution for long-term storage.
• Monthly subscription. If your business relies heavily on faxing from the office, the monthly cost of online fax services may be less cost effective than investing in your own machine and fax line.
• Subject to Internet reliability. Bad signals can affect the speed and quality of faxing over the Internet.

Signs You Might Want to Consider Online Faxing

• Your company’s faxing needs don’t justify the cost of physical equipment or infrastructure
• You conduct a lot of business outside the office and need offsite faxing capabilities

While many businesses today rely more on email and less on faxing, online faxing leverages the Internet to provide these services easily and conveniently when we do need them. Contact NetServ for more information to see whether a cloud-based fax service is right for your business. For further reading, check out the links below.

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