Cloud Solutions: Introduction to File Servers

If you have employees who require secure access to the same files, whether onsite or offsite, your business might benefit from cloud-based file servers. A file server is a separate dedicated computer that stores and manages data files that are accessed by other computers within your network. Once a solution mostly for larger companies, file servers were typically kept and maintained onsite, as part of an internal network. However, cloud-based solutions now make secure offsite file servers available for smaller businesses like yours.

Advantages of Cloud File Servers

  • Accessible from any computer with network access. With cloud-based file servers, using wi-fi, teammates can access these files remotely from anywhere.
  • Easy collaboration. Teammates can access and collaborate on files without being in the same room. They don’t even need to be on the same continent.
  • Additional security. Dedicated firewalled computers are less susceptible to hackers.
  • Backed up offsite. If your computers go down, you don’t lose critical data, because it’s stored elsewhere.

Limitations of Cloud File Servers

  • Storage limitations. On a computer, if your data exceeds the storage capacity of the computer, you must add storage or delete files. With cloud-based file servers, the amount of available storage is based on your price point. If you exceed your allotment, you will probably have to pay more for additional storage.
  • Limited to network access. Network interruptions may prevent you from accessing the files. For example, if you are using a cloud-based server, and you lose Internet access, or there’s a system outage, you can lose access to those files, unless you also keep synced copies on your own computer.

Signs You Might Want to Consider Implementing a Cloud File Server

  • Sharing documents with teammates via email has become burdensome, with a history of file loss or greater risk of it.
  • Your computer hard drives remain at or near capacity.
  • You or your teammates need access to files offsite.

Cloud-based file servers effectively enable small businesses to operate more like larger companies. These servers give you offsite accessibility and security for your files. They allow for easy team collaboration, expanded access, and vast storage options (sometimes even unlimited). Contact us at NetServ with any questions about how file servers can enhance your company’s IT. For further reading, check out the links below.

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