Biggest IT Challenges for Orange Country Small Businesses and What to Do About Them

Technology is supposed to help our businesses run more smoothly—but for some Orange County small businesses, sometimes it feels like it does the opposite. When things don’t work right, when a computer fails, when cybercrooks infiltrate—or when you simply don’t know how to use your technology to your best advantage—your IT can seem like a big headache. Fortunately, for every issue, there is a solution. Let’s discuss some of the biggest IT challenges Orange County business owners face—and what to do about them.

Keeping Data and Equipment Safe

Maintaining good cybersecurity is one of the most important priorities facing businesses today. Too many small businesses incorrectly assume hackers won’t come after them because they’re too small to be noticed. That mentality is exactly what cybercriminals bank on. Cutting corners with cybersecurity can cripple your business if a hack occurs, and data breaches can put your customers’ personal information at risk—possibly even making you liable.

What to do: Keep your network secure with a robust firewall and strong password protocols. Teach your team the best ways to stay safe online, and if need be, consult with an IT professional to make sure you don’t have any unseen vulnerabilities.

Keeping Software and Hardware Up to Date

Developers are always making improvements to software, hardware, and communications protocols. Out of date software and gear may still “work” fine technically, but the longer they go without updating, the harder they will work to communicate with other computers and programs until they simply break down or become obsolete. (Not to mention out-of-date software is more vulnerable to hacking.)

What to do: Perform regular updates on all your software and hardware to make sure they continue to perform at their best. A managed IT service can handle these updates and upgrades in the background so you can focus on your business.

Knowing How to Use the Tech

Many Orange County businesses simply upgrade to the latest technologies and gear without really knowing how they work. As a result, they frequently run into trouble with setting it up incorrectly, or they get stuck on the “learning curve,” both of which slows down their productivity rather than making them more productive. They may also end up getting services and equipment they don’t really need, wasting time and money in the process.

What to do: Consult with a reputable IT firm to figure out what hardware, software and Internet bandwidth you really need to be most productive. Let the professionals help you configure your system and teach you and your employees how to use it—so your technology works for you, rather than against you.

From consultation to setup to managed IT, the professionals at NetServ can help you overcome the most common challenges Orange County businesses face with their IT. To learn more, call us today at 1-877-NetServ.