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Basics of Network Storage and Virtualization (Part 2)

As demand increases for more advanced IT solutions for smaller business with limited budgets, developers began looking for ways to optimize resources—to help computer systems and networks operate more efficiently, upgrade more easily and so forth. The answers to these demands have been network storage and network virtualization; both of these empower smaller companies to compete with larger ones, without having to buy a cumbersome amount of hardware and infrastructure or hire a permanent IT staff to manage it.

Signs Your Company Might Need Network Storage and/or Virtualization:

• You’re accessing important company information from multiple devices without a central access point;
• You’re misplacing files because you can’t remember the hard drive on which they are stored;
• Your current network is slow, clunky and potentially expensive to upgrade;
• You want to implement a more streamlined system without taking another business loan (or mortgaging your house).

Where to Learn More about Network Storage and Virtualization:

• This short video from Teléfonico ID offers an excellent synopsis of network virtualization and how it will eventually replace physical networks altogether.
• Enterprise Storage Forum: Network Storage-The Basics: This article provides a more comprehensive explanation of the different types of network storage.
• Brad Hedlund- What Is Network Virtualization: A concise but closer look into the underlying principles behind virtualization and the advantages of virtualizing a network.
• 10 Network Storage Technologies You Need to Know: Okay, so in our opinion you don’t have to know all ten of these technologies. However, the article offers a deep dive into various solutions to provide a clearer understanding.

The concepts of network storage and network virtualization can be difficult to grasp if you’re not tech-savvy or an IT enthusiast. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, never fear: We can answer any questions you have and help you determine if one or more of these solutions is right for your company. Call our offices today for more information.

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