Microsoft Server Solutions Overview--for Small Business Owners

An Overview of Microsoft Server Solutions

For many years, Microsoft has sought to be on the leading edge of cloud technology. Windows Server 2016, the latest generation of Microsoft Server Solutions, continues to be trendsetting, as it enables business owners to integrate their workflow seamlessly into cloud-based computing.

What is Windows Server 2016?

An evolution of the older Windows NT systems, Windows Server is a multi-user operating system that is designed to work both on-premises and in the cloud, while incorporating a wide range of other Microsoft products and solutions that can be configured to the needs of almost any company. The updated 2016 version offers a host of improvements over previous iterations—including up to 6 times the amount of host memory support—multiple layers of added security features and more.

A Sampling of Features

Windows Server 2016 provides businesses with many benefits, in terms of flexibility, security and room to expand. Let’s look at just a few:

• Integrated security: Both on-premises and cloud storage are shielded by multiple layers of data protection.
• Reduced-cost storage solutions: Server 2016 offers software-defined storage capabilities that can drastically lower the cost of storing data.
• Hyper-V Network Virtualization: Create and manage virtual machines for multiple users in many different configurations.
• Containers: Virtualize an app, or keep older apps functional by isolating them within the OS.

For Further Guidance

Windows Server 2016, due to its versatility, is also quite complex. Learn more about the ways Microsoft Server Solutions can help your business by checking out the following resources.

Udemy: Windows Server 2016 Training for Beginners—Want to learn the basics without becoming an IT expert? This 4-hour course takes you through the fundamentals. (Udemy frequently offers discounts for these courses—at the time of this writing, they were offering it for only $10!)
Windows Server 2016 Essentials Installation Guide for Small Businesses by Nicholas Rushton—A guide to the Essentials version of the OS, designed for businesses of 25 employees or less.
Windows Server 2016 Webcast—Microsoft’s introductory video explaining the features of Windows 2016.

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