Advanced VoIP Functions for Small Business Owners

So you’ve made the switch to VoIP for your Orange County small business, and you’re already starting to see how it makes your business more agile and productive. You’ve also become comfortable with the system, and you’ve got a mastery of the basic features. Now it’s time to unlock some of VoIPs more advanced functionality so you can get the most out of your system. For those who want to dive a little deeper, let’s explore a few of VoIP’s more advanced features.

Call Monitoring/Recording

When you’ve got multiple team members on the phones, it’s important to provide oversight to make sure your team is interacting with customers in the right way. This is especially important if your business is regulated or has compliance requirements. VoIP technology makes it easy to monitor and record calls for training purposes, improving customer experience and ensuring compliance.

Hot Desking

Once you’ve got your VoIP phone configured according to your preferences, you don’t want to waste time reconfiguring every time you switch phones. The same goes for your team members who spend a lot of time on calls. With hot desking, each user can set up and configure their own profile, and that profile follows them to any device they use to log into the VoIP system. That way, from whatever phone they are using (even their mobile), they can always access their contacts, speed dial settings, and any other settings associated with their profile.

Voicemail to Email (or Text)

Have you ever listened to a voicemail three or four times to jot down the return phone number—only to forget where you wrote it down? The Voicemail to Email/Text feature eliminates this problem by automatically transcribing the voice message and emailing it (or texting it) to you according to your preferences. This saves loads of time because you can probably read faster than you can listen—plus, any important details are written down and saved for you.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Think of IVR as an enhanced version of the Auto Attendant. Instead of dialing extensions, IVR recognizes voice signals so your customers can say what they’re calling about, and the VoIP system automatically routes the call to the right person—greatly improving customer experience in the meantime.

Business Tool Integrations

One of the best advanced functions of VoIP technology is that because it’s software-based, it can integrate with many of the other apps and platforms you’re already using. For example, calls and phone numbers can be auto-logged-in to your business’s CRM, and if needed, support tickets can be created automatically, so everyone on your team stays up-to-date on that customer’s situation with future calls. Talk with your service provider to explore which platforms are compatible for integrating with your VoIP system.

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