5 Business Technology Podcasts Worth Listening To

Technology is revolutionizing just about everything in our world, including the way we all do business.

However, if you’re looking into the latest tech trends—like VoIP, VR, smart technology and digital centralization—to enhance your business, it can be difficult to keep up. To that end, we’ve curated five must-listen podcasts that discuss tech trends to help keep your business current in the digital age.

1. Future Commerce

If you’re a digital retailer, you need to be listening to Future Commerce. If you’re not…you still should be listening to Future Commerce. This podcast explores the latest tech from a retail/commercial standpoint, and it’s a great resource for business owners of all types to keep abreast of what’s happening in this world.

2. HBR IdeaCast

Sponsored by Harvard Business Review, this weekly podcast features guests from a huge cross-section of the business world, but topics frequently deal with intersection of business and technology and how various apps and platforms can enhance your company.

3. Clockwise

Tech discussions for people on the go! This time-sensitive tech-cast makes a point of featuring four guests and four topics each week, and keeping it all within a crisp 30-minute time frame. Like clockwork.

4. Analog(ue)

Approaching technology from another, very important point of view, this podcast focuses on the latest tech and on our human response to that tech. Does it change our lives—and by extension, our businesses—for the better or for the worse? How does it make us feel, and how does it change our habits? An ongoing, eye-opening discussion that goes a long way toward helping us come to grips with our relationship with tech.

5. TEDTalks Technology Podcast

No roundup of business tech resources would be complete without a mention of TED. This highly popular video series features brief talks from some of the leading thought leaders, business pros, inventors, researchers and tech gurus from around the planet.

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