Hardware-as-a-Service Overview for Business Owners (part 2)

Basics of Hardware-as-a-Service (Part 2)

Brilliant as the idea might seem, Hardware-as-a-Service is a relatively new concept in the IT community. We’re just now beginning to see more and more companies offer HaaS solutions a way to attract small business customers, as well as keeping their brands competitive. Let’s look at a few examples.

Some Current Examples of Hardware-as-a-Service

• Microsoft Surface Plus: In 2016, Microsoft rolled out a leasing plan for its popular Surface devices called “Surface Plus,” offering both individual consumers and business customers the option of paying a small monthly fee with access to service and support, plus the option to trade in their devices for the newest models as they are released to market.
• HP DaaS: Hewlett Packard recently began marketing its Device as a Service solutions, offering packaged technology to businesses on a per-seat, per-month cost basis. According to TechRadar, HP plans to integrate even more HaaS solutions as a key to revitalizing itself as a tech company.
• Independent IT companies: Many IT companies (NetServ included) now offer versions of Hardware-as-a-Service, providing customized IT solutions to businesses on a lease/subscription basis while retaining ownership of the hardware. This solution enables many companies to access higher-tier technology that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Signs You Might Consider Hardware-as-a-Service for Your Company:

• Your business requires a complex IT configuration but doesn’t have the budget to purchase all the equipment;
• Your current IT is completely outdated, and you can’t afford the upgrades all at once;
• You want to focus on running your company, rather than becoming an IT expert.

Where to Learn More about Hardware-as-a-Service:

• This article in Computer Weekly gives a more detailed explanation as to what HaaS is and how it works.
• Reason Street explores HaaS more in-depth as a business model, both from the positive and negative perspectives.

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