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When Should Your Business Hire a Company to Manage Your IT Services

After much blood, sweat and tears, your Orange County startup company is gaining traction. You are seeing an increase in customers, you’re hiring more staff, and perhaps you’re even expanding your office space. But with increased growth comes a greater need for computer hardware, software and Internet services. At some point you’re going to hit a threshold where managing your IT begins to affect productivity. At what point should you consider hiring an Orange County IT company to manage IT services for your business? The following guidelines should serve as a litmus test.


When You Don’t Have Time or Skills to Manage IT Yourself

Technology is advancing at mind-numbing rates these days, and it can be a full-time job keeping up with all of it. When your need for new equipment and software outmatches your ability to understand it, configure it and manage it internally, it’s time to contact the professionals.

When You’re Not Big Enough for a Full-Time IT Staff

As businesses grow, sometimes their best solution is to hire full-time IT technicians to manage their networks. While this may be especially helpful for technology-driven companies, many smaller Orange County businesses don’t have the budget to add IT staff. When your need for IT management is large enough to be cumbersome, but not enough to keep a full-time staffer busy, a third-party service offers a better option.

When You Want to Streamline

More and more businesses choose to outsource certain services these days simply because they want to keep their offices “lean and mean.” For example, some companies outsource their marketing, their bookkeeping, their customer service and even human resources. IT management is one more service that is incredibly easy to outsource, so if you simply don’t want to manage it internally, a separate management company can handle your IT needs quite efficiently.

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