Prepping Your Accounting Firm’s Technology for 2019

Sometimes the rate at which technology evolves nowadays can feel downright dizzying—to the point that businesses can have a difficult time keeping up. 2019 promises to continue this trend as we expect a continued proliferation of “smart devices” and more integrations of machine learning and artificial intelligence in our hardware and software. That said, with a bit of advance preparation, it’s possible to get ahead of the curve, or at least keep up with it. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your accounting firm’s technology is on track for 2019.

Evaluate Your System’s Bandwidth and Internet Speeds

Whether or not you plan to add devices or hardware to your system this year, even software updates can begin putting a strain on your IT system. If you’re already seeing slowdowns, jittery VoIP connections or stilted streaming, it may be time to upgrade your system to greater bandwidth and faster Internet speeds to accommodate the increase in traffic and data.

Apply All Available Software Updates

Many businesses, including accounting firms, approach their software updates from the standpoint of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The problem with that thinking is that if you don’t update your software as other systems and protocols update automatically, it can result in slowdowns as your outdated software tries to function in a new virtual environment. In addition, the older your software versions, the more susceptible they can be to cyberattacks as hackers figure out how to exploit vulnerabilities. To keep your system running smoothly and securely this year, make sure all applications on your computers and your mobile devices are up to date.

Update Your Antivirus Program and Firewalls, Too

Every day, hackers devise new viruses and malware in an attempt to compromise even the most secure systems. Keep ahead of them by making sure your antivirus program and firewall are updated with the latest patches and/or firmware.

Contact Your IT Company for a System Checkup.

The best time for accounting firms to have system maintenance and upgrades performed is in the early part of the year—before tax time makes them too busy to see straight. Give your trusted IT professionals a call to schedule a routine checkup of your system to make sure it’s optimized for 2019. For quick service, call 1-877-NetServ today.