Is It Time for Your Orange County Business to Transition to VoIP?

Your Orange County business is growing and flourishing; you’re seeing an increase in clients and revenue, you’re having to hire more staff to accommodate the work load. It’s all great news, but there are some growing pains involved with it. In today’s instant digital world, standard land-line phone systems can be cost-prohibitive and actually hinder you from staying competitive.

Is it time for your company to ditch the landline and switch to an Orange County VoIP phone provider? Let’s look at a few telltale signs that it might be time to do just that.

You Need More Communication Options on a Limited Budget

Upgrading landline systems to accommodate conference calling, hold music, additional phone lines and similar features can be quite expensive. VoIP systems can accommodate a wide range of these features for far less money—plus, there are lots of other features available on VoIP that are practically impossible to match cost-wise or technology-wise with a PBX system.

You’re Doing More Business Long-Distance and Internationally

International calls made by traditional phone lines can get exorbitantly expensive, and you might want more than email to communicate with long-distance and overseas clients. Many VoIP plans offer free calling across the U.S. and in multiple countries, plus cheap rates for international calls globally. Additionally, an IT company in Orange County can actually set you up a local virtual phone line almost anywhere across the globe so clients in these locations can call you locally without paying long distance. This option would be extremely cost-prohibitive with landlines, but it costs only a few dollars a month per phone number with VoIP.

You’re Doing More Business Away from the Office

The thing about land lines is you have to be physically present to use them. If you find yourself or your teammates doing more business “in the field” with laptops and cellphones, a VoIP system effectively extends your office—and all your phone features—to anywhere you can access the Internet. If working remotely is a key element of your business, you’ll function much easier by switching to VoIP.

In short, replacing your landline with a VoIP system gives your company room to grow without eating up your profits with expensive landline service and maintenance. NetServ specializes in providing high-quality VoIP and other IT services for businesses in Orange County. To learn more, call us at 1-877-NetServ.