How VoIP Services Can Boost Orange County Businesses

These days, Internet-based phone service (Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) is rapidly transforming the way businesses communicate. By switching to VoIP, small businesses not only can enjoy a wide range of features, but they can also experience a noticeable bump in their bottom line. Let’s discuss some ways VoIP services can boost Orange County businesses.


Compete with Larger Companies

With an array of features like Call Parking, Escape from Queue, Video Conferencing, Automated Receptionist, Virtual Local Numbers and Hold Music—all available at affordable prices—your small business can engage clients in ways once only accessible to larger corporations with big budgets. Inbound callers will get the distinct impression that you are fully “on the ball” and capable of attending to their needs, opening the door for increased revenue.

Never Miss a Call

With VoIP service in Orange County, your availability extends far beyond the office. Incoming calls can be easily forwarded to multiple devices before going to voicemail, so no matter where you are in the world, you can pick up the call—and close the deal.

Improved Productivity

VoIP doesn’t just simplify communications with your customers—it also streamlines communications among your employees who can now message one another without leaving their workstations. This results in an average increase of 40 minutes of productivity per employee per day, which ultimately makes your Orange County business more profitable.

Multi-Layered Cost Savings

In terms of actual cost of use, VoIP service beats analog phone lines hands-down, greatly reducing your business overhead as a result. Some examples of how you can save money:

  • Little to no cost for domestic long distance and international calls.
  • No parallel infrastructure. You don’t have to pay for separate phone and data lines because it all runs on the Internet.
  • Pay less per phone number.
  • Save on travel costs with teleconferencing and video conferencing worldwide.

If you’re ready to boost your Orange County business with a switch to VoIP service, we are here to simplify the process. To learn more, call us at 1-877-NetServ.