A Guide to Accounting Firm Internet Phone Options

Many accounting firms and accounting professionals nowadays are making the choice to switch from traditional land lines to Internet phone service (VoIP). Aside from the cost savings, VoIP also offers an abundance of features that are either expensive or impossible to replicate with a wired phone system. Some of these features come standard, and some are add-ons, depending on which service provider you use. But which features are particularly helpful to accounting firms, and which are more extraneous? The following guide of helpful accounting firm Internet phone options should help you make an informed decision about which features are right for your company.

Call Transfer

If you’re going to be out of the office but need to be available to your clients, no longer do you have to give out your personal cell number to stay connected. With VoIP, you can set up a call transfer so incoming calls seamlessly ring cell phone or any other phone you choose. Your clients only need to remember one phone number (and you get to retain a little privacy).

Call Recording

Need to keep an audio record of client calls to remember detailed information? Internet phone calls are easy to record and save as audio files. (For legal purposes, just make sure you advise the client the call is being recorded.)

Call Transcription/Visual Voicemail

When a client rattles off important financial information over the phone or on voicemail, you don’t want to have to waste time trying to transcribe it. Some service providers now offer visual voicemail or automatic transcription apps that will convert a recorded message to text and send it to you via email.

Virtual Phone Numbers

If you do business in several area codes, why not maintain a local presence in each of them? Sometimes a local phone number provides a psychological comfort to a client. Internet phone service allows you to purchase virtual numbers in most local area codes, sometimes for a small monthly fee, so your clients always feel you’re never far away.

Click to Call

With more people using their smartphones to search online, setting up a click-to-call button on your website is an excellent marketing tool that makes it easy for potential clients to reach you with a tap of the screen. In some cases, you can even capture additional data from the incoming caller automatically to help you provide better service.

HD Voice

While VoIP is dependent on a good Internet connection for voice quality, when the connection is good, the voice quality may be second to none. HD voice lets you hear your clients voice over the phone with unmatched clarity, which can be a very helpful tool when accuracy is a must and misunderstandings can be costly.

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