SonicWall Overview--A Quick Guide for Small Business Owners

Network Security: An Overview of SonicWall

Cloud-based computing and the Internet have certainly made life easier for businesses and individuals alike—but with that convenience comes a lurking threat of hacking and cyberattacks. Several recent ransomware attacks, affecting millions of users worldwide, have underscored the need for ongoing and constantly upgraded network security. The developers at SonicWall have created solutions that offer firewall protection for your entire IT network, helping guard against threats like these and others.

What is SonicWall?

SonicWall is a company specializing in hardware-based cybersecurity—a line of dedicated “Internet appliances” that connect to your network and guard your system against a wide range of cyber threats. While the specialized devices serve different functions in the security chain, the primary goal is to keep your on-site network and devices safe. In other words, it protects data at the endpoint of your network, not necessarily data stored in the cloud.

Solutions Offered

SonicWall products provide a variety of cybersecurity solutions, including the following:

• Firewalls: Dedicated devices at different price points offering entry-level, mid-range or high-end security throughout your network.
• Remote Access Security: Products that provide secure mobile access (SMA) for computers and other devices that are remotely connecting to your network.
• Email Security: Products focused specifically on monitoring email-related threats (one of the most common entry points for hackers).
• Wireless Access: High-speed wireless access points integrated with SonicWall protection.

For Further Guidance

Chron: “How to Use SonicWall”—A step-by-step guide for small business owners setting up for the first time.
Most Popular SonicWall Configurations—Links to articles within SonicWall’s own online Knowledge Base showing various ways customers use their products.

With new threats emerging all the time, establishing network security is certainly not a “one-and-done” action. Call our office to schedule an evaluation of your current network and to see whether SonicWall is right for your company.

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