Cisco Security Overview for Small Business Owners

Network Security: An Overview of Cisco

Despite the large number of companies and developers competing in the network security space these days, many businesses prefer to go with a brand they already know and trust. Cisco has been providing a wide range of IT products and solutions for many years, and its arsenal of cybersecurity products and services is at least as reliable as any in the marketplace.

What is Cisco?

Formed in 1984, Cisco was founded as a pioneering company of the Local Area Network (LAN), and it has since developed into the largest networking company on the planet. Today, the company offers a massive array of solutions, ranging from routers and conferencing services to data analytics and cloud-based services. For our purposes, we will limit our discussion to Cisco’s network security products for now.

Security Solutions Offered

Cisco’s security line alone includes dozens of appliance and software products designed to protect against cyber threats in all areas of your network. Some of their solutions include:

• Firewalls: Both appliance-based and cloud-managed firewall solutions to protect your on-site systems.
• Email Security Solutions: Protection against threats from incoming email like ransomware, along with encryption of outgoing emails.
• Advanced Malware Protection (AMP): An array of solutions designed to monitor, detect and destroy malware in real time.
• Cloud Security.
• VPN and Endpoint Security.
• Integrated Router Security.
• Web Security.

For Further Guidance

• Pluralsight: Cisco CCNA Security: Introduction to Network Security—An e-course for those who want a better understanding of network security.
• Cisco Network Security Management Areas for Dummies.

You don’t have to become an IT expert to use Cisco products, nor do you need to implement every network security product or service they have available. We are available to help you determine which solutions are right for your company’s needs. For more information, give us a call.

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